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No previous racing or track experience required!

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Wide Open Wednesday (WOW) is a unique program presented by Utah Motorsports Campus that allows enthusiasts to drive their street or race-prepared car at speed on our world-class racetrack in a non-competitive environment. Autocross and WOW Plus are also available.


WOW Options

WOW Laps on racetrack: $50
WOW+ Classroom session. Laps with instructor: $80 (reg WOW not included)
WOW, WOW+ Package  $100
AUTO-X Timed laps on Autocross Course: $20

 WOW - Laps on Racetrack

Cars are released onto a cone-marked track one at a time. This allows you to drive at whatever speed your comfort level permits, to enjoy your car’s abilities and sharpen your skills. The program is designed to keep you and everyone else safe; it will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

NOTE: Passengers are not allowed during WOW laps.

 WOW+ (plus) Classroom Session. Laps with Instructor

WOW Plus is for anyone 16 and older with an interest in auto racing (and valid driver’s license). WOW Plus includes a classroom session

WOW Plus uses the opposite track of the normal WOW

  • Sessions will start on every half-hour beginning at 5:30
  • Three Sessions available; 5:30 to 6pm, 6 to 6:30pm and 6:30 to 7pm
  • A maximum of 10 students are allowed per session

Each session includes:

  • Classroom instruction (20 min)
  • On track lapping with a qualified instructor (20 min session)

You can add AUTO-X and WOW to WOW+.

WOW+, a.k.a. 'WOW Plus,' does NOT include standard WOW. You may add WOW to WOW+ during registration for an extra $30.

AUTO-X only: Timed laps on Autocross Course: Cost $10

Autocross is a timed course with lots of turns and cones and is the best way to begin finding the limits of your car and yourself. Run unlimited laps on the autocross course, or at least until you run out of gas!

Helmets, Eligible Vehicles, Ages (click below to learn more)

Ages 16 and older:

WOW participants must be ages 16 and older


A helmet is required. We rent helmets for $25/day. You may add them to your registration.

If you do not have the proper helmet you cannot go out on track. Car helmets (SA) must have DOT/SNELL ratings. Helmets cannot be older than 2005. Dirt bike/Motorcycle helmets (M) will not be allowed. SA standard requires a flammability test while the M standard does not.

Eligible Vehicles:

Eligible cars for the racetrack include all street-legal and race-prepared cars with a hard top and convertibles with roll-over protection (either a factory-installed deployable system or a roll bar with a minimum of four mounting points).