3 Planning Tips for a COVID-Compliant Event – Our Guide

Many Americans and American establishments have had to adapt to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporate events have never been so difficult to organize, especially since it is no longer viable to host meetings in tightly-spaced rooms with more than just a few people. Even just the mildest infection can spread and possibly infect everyone present, along with their families.

To ensure a safe event, it is important to plan your events well and make sure everyone takes the necessary measures. This means making sure all the guidelines for avoiding COVID-19 are followed, in addition to greater sanitation techniques. 

Choose a COVID-safe corporate venue

There are a number of things that make an event space COVID-safe. First, it must be equipped with thermal scanning to prevent those suspected of infection from entering or attending the event. This will definitely reduce the risk involved so that any potential carriers of the virus can immediately go to a hospital for treatment or home for quarantine. 

The next consideration is how open the spaces are. The more time you spend in enclosed spaces with large groups of people, the higher the risk of transmission. Even if you are wearing masks and face shields, the internal ventilation alone can cause particles to circulate to everyone in the room.

Before finalizing the schedule, it is also important to ask about the space’s sanitizing techniques and procedures. After all, the COVID-19 virus is capable of remaining and spreading on various surfaces. These surfaces should be cleaned to the highest possible degree with every use. 

Keep transmission limitation in mind when organizing the space

Though it is still highly recommended to delay in-person meetings and events until the end of the pandemic, it might be necessary at times. Though you might host your gathering at a COVID-safe outdoor corporate events space, it is important to take every measure necessary. This means minimizing contact in every way possible.

That means there must be sufficient space for all participants—at least 6 feet in between each person—even though the event is outdoors. Touching must be minimized as much possible, and every person should bring some form of sanitizer. 

Finally, even if it pains you, the event must remain short and sweet. After all, the longer you spend together, the more likely the infection is to spread. 

Serve pre-packed food at different times

One of the main problems with events that have food and beverages served is that people will have to remove their masks to eat, which puts everyone at risk if quite a large group of people are eating all at the same time. Make sure to talk to the staff at the group participation events space if they have measures in place for community eating. 

Pre-packed foods, bottled water, and other sealed goods are great for such events. It might also help if meals and snacks were eaten in shifts. The entire group could be divided into subgroups that eat at different times so that fewer people are taking off their masks at any given time.

Final thoughts

Though a vaccine might be on the way, it is still important to follow prevention regulations regarding COVID-19. That involves organizing COVID-safe outdoor corporate events that employ proper sanitation techniques. Not only that, but it is of paramount importance that you minimize the risk of transmission when organizing the day’s events.

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