4 Go Kart Tips to Leave Your Competitors In the Dust

Even if you spent hundreds of hours on the road with your car, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be an excellent go-kart driver from the get-go. While both activities seem similar, one is racing and the other isn’t – the two experiences are quite different from one another.

If you want to leave your competitors in the dust, here are some tips to help you do so:


Be as Light as Possible

It is known that the lighter the object, the faster it is going to go. That is why you see many racecars with nothing more than the crucial instruments that keep the car running.

Don’t arrive at the course with heavy, baggy pants and shoes the weight of the car. Instead, show up with light clothing. That way, you keep your ride as light as possible, giving you as much advantage as possible to win the race.


Do Not Lean

When you’re in the heat of the race, you might be so into the activity that you start leaning in every corner. While you might believe that this will help you turn corners sharper, it should be a habit you should try to avoid doing.

When you’re turning corners, you’ll want to keep the weight of the go-kart as balanced as possible by keeping your body centered in the seat. This way, you’ll turn the corners much more quickly.


Don’t Place Both Feet on The Pedals

Just like driving a car in real life, you should avoid placing your feet on both the gas and brake pedals. While you might be doing this to cut the time between accelerating and braking, you might push both down in panic.

In doing this, you can either spin out of control or cause the go-kart to stop working entirely.

Keep a Consistent Speed

While it is true that you need to keep up to speed to beat your competitors, you need to keep it consistent. That’s extremely hard to do, considering there are corners to turn & obstacles that could result in hitting other drivers. However, a professional go-kart driver will tell you that the secret behind turning the corners quickly is to slow down just slightly.

How does one do that? Don’t start slowing halfway down the track to be ready for the turn. When you press the breaks, apply it just a few seconds before you make a turn. The slower you are at making the turn, the faster you exit. Of course, this is where the experience comes into play. You’ll have to find the perfect timing between slowing down enough to get out of the corner as fast as possible.


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