4 Pieces of Karting Equipment Every Racer Needs

If you are looking for a way for you and your organization to get together and take some time off from your busy schedules, consider spending a day doing outdoor activities. One way to guarantee you remain safe, follow social distancing guidelines, and still have the best time in today’s times is by choosing a COVID-safe event space, such as a go-karting arena.

Go-karting with your employees and colleagues is an enjoyable experience that allows you to sit back, get behind the wheel, and try to outrun your fellow racers. It’s an activity that boosts competitiveness and excitement, leaving everyone either hoping to win or just wanting to have a good time.

It doesn’t matter if you or your co-workers have never tried go-karting. It’s an experience worth doing together as a group without having to think about work all the time. Before you begin, you must know the needed equipment that will ensure everyone is safe and happy. Keep reading below to find out what you require, allowing everyone to have a fantastic time racing to the finish line.

Comfortable Race Suit

Although it’s only a friendly match and you’re going up against your colleagues, you should still think about putting on a good quality race suit to ensure you avoid injuries if an accident occurs. When you wear the proper attire, and a collision happens, you have greater chances of coming out of your kart without bruises.

Besides, part of hosting a Utah group participation event involves ensuring everyone is comfortable, safe, and away from harm at all times. Since the proper race suit is made from abrasive-resistant material, you can worry less about your protection and more about winning.

Right-Sized Pair of Boots

You can’t consider your go-kart attire complete without putting on the correct pair of boots. They don’t just go well with your racing suit but also offer enough heel grip to maximize your racing experience.

Wearing the proper boots during a go-karting event prevents your feet from slipping off the accelerator and brakes as well as the slippery floors. Moreover, racing boots are thinner than your standard rubber shoes, so it gives you a better feel of the go-kart’s pedals. 

Properly Padded Gloves

Since you’ll be gripping on the go-kart’s steering wheel throughout the race, it’s not enough to have the best racing suit and boots—you will also need padded gloves! A good pair keeps you from feeling the shock reverberating through the wheel and facing discomfort because of it.

Aside from reducing discomfort, protecting your hands with padded gloves also prevents you from touching high-contact surfaces using your bare hands. Even though everyone will be present in a COVID-safe outdoor venue, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

High-Quality Helmet

Your go-kart attire doesn’t just involve the proper outfit to wear. It won’t be complete without having a helmet to protect your head and face. It’s all the more necessary to have one on if you’re going to be racing outdoors.

The head is a fragile part of a person’s body, so you must not think about going on a go-kart race without the fitting helmet. Keeping your body secure is not enough, so it’s best to acquire a high-quality helmet before you can begin the race with your peers.


Once your organization settles with throwing a COVID-safe outdoor corporate event, such as go-karting, you have to give you and your co-workers enough time to prepare. Whether everyone decides to purchase or rent a race suit, boots, gloves, and a helmet, what matters is you all come prepared, well-protected, and ready to race against each other while staying safe.

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