4 Practices for Driving Fast on a Racetrack

Racing requires more than natural talent to become a successful racer. It entails hours and hours of practice before you can speed around the track with utmost confidence. You will also need various levels of experience before you can call yourself an expert who can race at the top speeds.

If you want to hone your skills in racing, keep on reading to find out the four practices for driving fast on a racetrack.


  •  Drive smoothly for increased speed

When manipulating your steering wheel, keep in mind that the smoother you drive, the faster you can go. Driving smoothly requires that you stay away from jerky movements on the wheels to avoid sudden on and offs of the brakes and accelerator. Also, don’t be tempted to make sudden irregular movements. It will help if you practice proper discipline to drive smoothly instead of pushing your car beyond its limit.


  • Find the best position on the steering wheel

To make the most out of your performance when driving, position yourself at the left and right sides of the steering wheel. This position will offer better control and flexibility when turning at speed. It is also a safer position since if the airbag goes off, your hands will receive the impact, not your face. Also, avoid holding the steering wheel at the usual upper corners of the wheel. Take note that the key is to have balance and control to achieve a fast and steady pace, instead of a temporary increase in speed.


  •  Practice proper braking

Unlike driving on a regular car, you don’t have to worry about coasting when you’re driving a racecar. If your aim is to drive fast, you only need a second or two before stepping on the brakes. This is a challenging feat because you run the risk of losing control of the wheels. To make sure you can manage the faster brakes, practice proper braking by making use of markers, as they should indicate where to start braking. Keep in mind that you can earn faster track times if you master holding the speed longer while managing short brakes.


  •  Master the track

Whether you have an actual race soon or even if you’re merely practicing, you need to familiarize and master your racetrack. The more you study the track you’re driving on, the more you can imagine the speed required for every turn and foresee the moments when you need to brake. If you can navigate your track masterfully, you can gauge the distances and elevation changes. Practice by doing simulations while walking the track on foot to help you feel the terrain of the track.

You can also practice the track by driving without speeding up and take the time to feel how your vehicle is reacting to every turn. Keep in mind that many factors can affect your vehicle’s condition, such as temperature and humidity. The more you can master the track and how your vehicle reacts to it, the more you can speed up without going beyond your car’s limit.



To become a true racecar driver, you need discipline and determination to practice your racetrack, and in the Salt Lake City metro area there is no better place than Utah Motorsports Campus. Follow these four practices mentioned above to achieve the speed that you desire. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more work you put in, the faster you’ll become in due time.

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