6 Insane Tricks for The Motocross Daredevil in You – Utah Motorsports Campus

When you’re riding an off-road bike on a track and add in large dirt mounds, the result is the extreme sport known as motocross. This form of dirt bike racing is one of the most dangerous, daredevil sports that anyone could ever do. It is this mesh of supreme skill, high-stakes risk, and heart-pounding showmanship that makes this sport one of the greatest spectacles in the realm of extreme sports. What makes freestyle motocross even more amazing are the insane stunts that the riders pull off in order to showcase their skills. Many fans look up to these stars in the wild hope that they can do the same tricks that these riders do in the air. With a lot of practice—and with nerves of steel—a fan can pull off some of these stunts too.


Here are six of the most insane tricks for the freestyle motocross daredevil in the making:


  1. Kiss of Death Backflip

The Kiss of Death Backflip is as dangerous as its name implies. This clutch freestyling move relies a lot on your core strength and even more on your timing. To do it, the rider first holds a handstand on the bike, after which he lowers his head to his front fender—all while doing a backflip.


  1. Double Backflip

The Double Backflip sounds like a basic trick that any new rider can do, but don’t let its simplistic name fool you. This trick involves making two full revolutions before landing—a feat nigh impossible unless a custom ramp is set up for this exact purpose.


  1. Hart Attack

This trick—named after Carey Hart, who first nailed this trick in 1999—can really give you a heart attack with its wild execution. Almost like the Kiss of Death trick, you do this with your legs pointed upwards, but with one hand on the handle and the other on the seat.


  1. Shaolin Backflip

The Shaolin Backflip is a trick where you jump over your handlebars, keeping your legs stretched out over the bar in a V-shaped fashion, and all within the duration of a backflip. Definitely an advanced technique, this somersault within a somersault is not for the faint-hearted.


  1. Double Front Flip

Much like the Double Backflip, the Double Frontflip is much more difficult than it sounds and is probably one of the more deceptively difficult tricks out in play. By performing a frontflip, you keep your body orientation leaning forward, essentially leaving you to flip blindly. The skill required here is exact and definite timing made smoother by a maximized air time.


  1. Rock Solid Backflip

Performing a Rock Solid Backflip will probably be the pinnacle of your career as an amateur rider. After launching yourself into the air for a backflip, grab onto the seat, and with your body perpendicular to your bike, you release. For a few moments, your entire body will be detached from your bike, which makes this trick one of the scariest tricks an amateur can do.



Before you start practicing these wild and amazing tricks at the Utah Motorsports Campus Motocross Track, always remember to exercise caution. Wear the appropriate gear, have people around to perform first-aid if necessary, and do it in a venue appropriate for motocross practice.

Looking for a freestyle motocross track in Salt Lake City? Here at Utah Motorsports Campus, we have a track for just about any reason or need. Get in touch and schedule a booking with us today!