A Quick Guide to Selecting a Go Kart Racing Venue for Your Event

Events are made to encourage engagement and induce a sense of fun and collaboration among individuals. Events come in various forms of activities, be it seminars and workshops, musical concerts, and even sports events!

Such activities have been around for years now, and the challenge for event managers is to arrange innovative ones that will tickle the interest of many, from its announcement up to its actual execution. With that in mind, why not consider go-kart racing?

Although not entirely new, it’s less common and exhilarating, perfect for a sports event that you’ve been planning for months. Go-kart car racing, however, requires a good location to ensure its success and the safety of your event-goers.

For a foolproof process of venue selection, here is a simple guide to finding the best venue for your event:

  1. Location

Location is an integral part of any event. When you begin your search, be sure to choose ones that are closer to the city instead of ones that are further away. Choosing a location that is further from away will not fare well with your company’s sports and corporate events in Utah, as that would mean that your employees will mostly be coming from the city.

With this in mind, choose a place that is accessible. If there is no available location near the city, then check if public transportation is available for a venue slightly further. If it isn’t, make sure to arrange for transportation services. For people coming in with their own vehicles, ensure that parking spaces are available as well.

  1. Event date

Finalizing the date means planning ahead, especially considering weather and seasons as well. Many people disregard this tip as a rather minor factor, but the reality is that finalizing the date actually affects the overall experience of your planning. The rainy season, for example, will definitely foil any outdoor events, especially ones like go-kart racing. With this in mind, schedule the event during the summertime for more predictable weather.

  1. Event costs

Among all these tips, your budget is the determining factor of your venue selection. Any venue that goes beyond the budget should be ignored, no matter how perfect you may think it is. Keep in mind that your budget will comprise more than just the venue, as many different costs also come into play as well. These could include car rentals, room prices, costs per head, food, and even emergency funds. With this in mind, be sure to opt for a venue that won’t go beyond your budget.

  1. Venue capacity

One factor that shouldn’t be forgotten when choosing the venue is its capacity. This should be decided early on in your planning, especially the expected number of guests. With numbers in mind early on in your search, you’ll be able to eliminate venue options that do not fit your needs. Large or small venues will either be ignored or considered, saving you much needed time and money.

  1. Additional facilities and services

Your guests’ experience should be treated with the utmost importance, so ensure that your chosen venue offers facilities that will cater to their needs. Are there enough bathrooms, seeing that go-kart racing is an outdoor activity? Are there parking slots available, and shower rooms should the need arise? Is there a space available for those who need a break from the sun with AC provided? More importantly, are there any clinics or first aid providers nearby? Remember, planning ahead ensures the success of your event, and that everything will run smoothly.


As you plan your go-kart racing, ensure that you have the best possible venue, all without ending up paying extra for any unnecessary fees.

Are you looking for a go-kart racing track in Utah? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. Our 511-acre land is the perfect location for your go-kart racing venue.