Amateur Track Days

On-Track Racing at UMCDrive Your Vehicle on a world-class Race Course

We want everyone to experience what it is like to drive on a world-class track! This is why we have opened our doors to the public and are providing just about everything you need to come and live your fastest dreams! Come check out the Amateur Track Days at Utah Motorsports Campus and experience our Beginner, Advanced, and Autocross sessions.

Beginner Sessions
$75 per person

Never driven a track before or want to get some more practice? Beginner sessions are the perfect setting to gain experience driving a race track in a car that you are already comfortable in. ATD Beginner sessions last 1 hour with safety as our top priority.

Advanced Sessions
$75 per person

After five Beginner sessions are you ready to run with the pros! Run five continuous during each round with other cars, only passing in pre-determined areas. ATD Advanced sessions get you the experience you need to actually start racing. Register now to learn more!

$30 per person

See how good you actually are with this professionally set up driving course. Worried that you don’t have “the car” for the big track or would like to have someone in the passenger seat, autocross is perfect! Take the course as fast or slow as you want to, improving your time with each run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our refund policy is as follows:

  • 48 hours or more = Full Refund
  • 24-48 hours = 50% Refund
  • Less than 24 hours = NO REFUND

We only allow 4 wheel street legal cars at Amateur Track Day. Convertible cars must have Factory Certified Roll Over Protection or certified after-market roll bar (SCCA / NASA) installed.

We have several types of fuel available. We have (85,100,110, Diesel).

There are parking areas in front of each gate. Park your car and wait to be let in at the beginning of your session.

We require a self-done tech inspection to be done before your session. A sheet will be filled out and checked before you are allowed to drive on the track.

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