Daily Schedule

Utah Motorsports Campus2023 Events & Activities Calendar

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DateEvent NameEvent Type
January 7Winter SoulsticeUMC
January 21A.T.D Winter CrossUMC
February 4A.T.D Winter CrossUMC
February 11Salt City DriftDrift
February 18A.T.D. Winter CrossUMC
February 25The School of Opposite Lock BYOC "Higher Learning"UMC
March 11A.T.D. Winter CrossUMC
March 18Zone 5 RacingCycle Race
March 18-19Evolution Rally SchoolSchool
March 24-26NASA Utah (Car)Regional Club Race
April 1Import Face OffCar Show
April 5Amateur Track DayUMC
April 8UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series
April 12Amateur Track DayUMC
April 16The School of Opposite Lock BYOC Elementary ClassUMC
April 19Amateur Track DayUMC
April 21-23NASA Utah (Car)Regional Club Race
April 22Salt City DriftDrift
April 22Offroad Track DayUMC
April 26Amateur Track DayUMC
April 28-29Porsche Club HPDE Local Club
April 28-30Private EventPrivate Event
April 30UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series
May 5Apex (Sportbike)Local Club
May 6NASA Utah (Car)Regional Club Race
May 7USBA SupermotoLocal Club Race
May 10Amateur Track DayUMC
May 13Roll Racing Season OpenerUMC
May 13Salt City DriftDrift
May 17Amateur Track DayUMC
May 18Private EventPrivate Event
May 19-21NASA Utah (Car)Regional Club Race
May 19-20Night LightsUMC
May 20Private EventPrivate Event
May 21UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series
May 24Amateur Track DayUMC
May 26Apex (Sportbike)Local Club
May 27USBA (Sportbike)Local Club Race
May 27SCCA Autocross
May 28The School of Opposite Lock BYOC "Higher Learning"UMC
May 28USBA SupermotoLocal Club Race
May 31Amateur Track DayUMC
June 2Legion/Moto United Track DayLocal Club
June 3Salt City DriftDrift
June 4UMC Kart Club #4UMC Kart Racing Series
June 4USBA A.R.T. (Advanced Rider Training - bikes)
June 8-11SKUSA Pro Tour
June 9-11Intermountain Region PCA RaceRegional Race
June 10Quarter MidgetsLocal Club
June 14Gold Rush Rally
June 14Amateur Track DayUMC
June 16-18NASA UtahRegional Club Race
June 17Pura Troka PerronaTruck Meet
June 17SCCA - Autocross
June 18USBA SupermotoLocal Club Race
June 21Amateur Track DayUMC
June 24Import Spring ShowoffCar Show
June 24Quarter MidgetsLocal Club
June 24-25Salt City DriftDrift
June 25Offroad Track Day - Utah Gambler 500 SpecialUMC
July 1Roll Racing with BikesUMC
July 2UMCKC Race #5UMC Kart Racing Series
July 2-3Legion - Track Day CircusMulti-State Club Event
July 7Apex (Sportbike)Local Club
July 8USBA (Sportbike)Local Club
July 8IRPCA Autocross
July 9USBA SupermotoLocal Club Race
July 12Amateur Track DayUMC
July 14-16USAC Nation Porsche Sprint Challenge USA WestUSAC
July 16GT Celebration
July 16UMCKC Race #6UMC Kart Racing Series
July 19Amateur Track DayUMC
July 22SLUSH Motorsports FestivalTBA
July 26Amateur Track DayUMC
July 28-30NASA UtahRegional Club Race
July 29NASA Utah Enduro NASA
August 5USBA A.R.TAdvanced Rider Training
August 6USBA SupermotoLocal Club Race
August 9Amateur Track DayUMC
August 11Apex (Sportbike)Local Club
August 12USBA (Sportbike)Local Club
August 12Quarter MidgetsLocal Club
August 13Salt City DriftDrift
August 18-19Nitrocross Racing
August 23Amateur Track DayUMC
August 25-27NASA Utah (Car)Regional Club Race
August 25-27Xtreme XperienceTouring Event
August 27Quarter MidgetsLocal Club Race
August 27UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series #7
August 30Amateur Track DayUMC
September 1Apex (Sportbike)Local Club
September 2USBA (Sportbike)Local Club Race
September 2SCCA - Autocross
September 3USBA SupermotoLocal Club Race
September 6Amateur Track DayUMC
September 9IRPC Autocross
September 10Quarter MidgetsLocal Club
September 10UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series
September 11-12Driving Dynamics
September 14-16Formula DriftTouring Drift Competition
September 17Bros Before ProsUMC Drift Event
September 19-26Ferrari Corso PilotaTouring Driving School
September 24UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series
September 27Amateur Track DayUMC
September 29-30IRPCA DE
September 30Apex (Sportbike)Local Club
September 30-October 1Salt City DriftDrift
October 6Roll Racing FinaleUMC
October 13-15NASA Utah - QuadroRegional Club Race
October 15UMCKC RaceUMC Kart Racing Series
October 16-18Mullen Automotive Launch
October 20-21Fuel FestFuel Fest
October 21Salt City DriftDrift
October 22-23UMC Closure - Utility-Upgrade
November 11Salt City DriftDrift

Schedule as of 1/3/2023; schedule subject to change without notice.

USBA = Utah Sports Bike Association
NASA = National Auto Sport Association
IRPCA = Intermountain Porsche Club of America
SCD = Salt City Drift