Camping & Garages

Utah Motorsports CampusReserve a Garage or RV / Camping Spot

RV & Camping Spots
Starting at $25

We understand why you wouldn't want to leave! Don't worry, we have you covered.

Day Garage Rental
Starting at $50

Reserve a day garage. Work or play...What's the difference at UMC? Luckily we have garages where you can do both!

Lease a garage

220 Private garages in 10 buildings across campus

Garages may be combined or customized. A single garage is approximately 20′ x 25′. Garages are available in three different heights:

  • 16′ with 12′ door clearance
  • 13′ with 10′ door clearance
  • 10′ 8″ with 8′ door clearance



Rental pricing for private garages ranges from $575 to $686 per month, depending on location, configuration and amenities. For further information or details on private garages contact us today!