Go Karting: Always Better Outdoors!

Go Karting is the most affordable type of road racing you can do. A startling percentage of professional drivers get their career starts in karts, because it teaches you basic race-driving skills that apply to almost any kind of road racing.

There are lots of places to do karting. Many popular karting venues are indoors, but for the best experience, you need to go karting in the great outdoors. Utah Motorsports Campus has the only outdoor karting venue in the State of Utah, and it is the perfect place to go karting! 

Whether you’re a youngster looking to make the first steps towards a career in racing, an individual or group/family looking for a fast-fun outing, or a company/organization seeking a fun and different event for clients or employees, the outdoor kart track at Utah Motorsports Campus is the ideal venue to meet your needs.

The outdoor kart track at UMC was designed by renowned track designer Alan Wilson, who designed the facility’s big road-racing track as well as over 30 other racetracks around the world. The UMC outdoor kart track is 0.9 miles long in its longest configuration, but it has more than 30 different configurations that can be run.

We do kart rentals for individuals and groups.

If you haven’t tried karting, you need to rectify that as soon as possible! If you’ve only done karting indoors, check out UMC’s outdoor kart track and enjoy the difference. It’s one thing to be racing in a corrugated metal warehouse; it’s another thing altogether to be zipping around corners in the great outdoors, surrounded by two different mountain ranges with the Great Salt Lake as a backdrop.

Karting outdoors: it’s the best! Try it and see for yourself!