Go Karting Terms You May Not Know About

When people look for a thrilling activity that can inject some high-octane energy into their routine, then hopping on a go-kart and driving off to a fun-filled time with friends, family, or co-workers is right up your alley! 

Go-karting is the kind of motorsport that welcomes thrill-seekers and sports enthusiasts, both of which have a place in the tracks. Many weekend warriors may ride on without a care in the world, but hobbyists may want to build their knowledge on go-kart terms to improve their experience moving forward.

If you’re a fan of go-karting and want to familiarize yourself with the sport, here is a glossary of terms you can pick up at any go-karting events! 

Term Category Definition
2-Seater Kart Go-Karts This refers to a type of go-kart vehicle with built-in two seats, which means two people can fit inside, such as the driver and passenger. 
2-Stroke Engine Go-Kart Engine If you choose the best type of engine that suits your driving style, then a two-stroke engine provides higher RPM.

This is because the internal combustion engine can finish the full power cycle for only two strokes, but the drawback is that the engine can wear out faster. 

4-Stroke Engine Go-Kart Engine For drivers who believe that slow and steady wins the race, a four-stroke engine is the best choice.

Since a four-stroke engine completes a full power cycle in four strokes, it’s more powerful and stable. It also produces higher and consistent top speed. 

Arrive and Drive Go-Kart Racing This is a fun concept popular in karting facilities, where anyone can park and immediately hop on a go-kart to race without going through booking requirements. 
Band Brake Go-Kart Brakes This refers to a traditional go-kart racing break that produces friction. 
Belt Go-Kart Transmissions This describes the drive belt, which is connected from the driver pulley to the torque converter’s driven pulley.
Bolt Pattern Go-Kart Wheels This defines the number of bolt holes and positions on a go-kart wheel, which ranges between three to eight-bolt patterns.
Carburetor Go-Karts Drivers may need to know what a carburetor is since it refers to a component in the engine that manages the air to fuel ratio. This can have a direct impact on your overall racing performance. 


The Bottom Line: Gear Up with the Right Terms to Kick Off Your Go-Karting Adventures

Brushing up on your vocabulary when talking about go-karting seems unnecessary, but understanding the terms thrown around in the track can help fuel your race. After all, knowledge is power, so learning the ropes on go-karting should keep you from binning it and hopefully help make you a better rider. 

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