Look for These 5 Must-Haves for Your Next Outdoor Venue

The top three things to lock down in planning an event are venue, venue, and venue. The location influences nearly all other aspects of logistics and the program, and you need to consider if an indoor or outdoor venue for your event is for you. Sometimes, the best option is an alfresco affair; you may want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, the gorgeous view, or you might need structures that will not fit under a roof. Though there are many reasons that you should choose an outdoor venue, you must also keep the following non-negotiables in mind.


Primary power source and generators

Figure out your production’s electricity needs and find a venue that can supply these. You would want a place that can accommodate your power levels but has rooms for generators. Spend time during your ocular visit to see where you can possibly let power cords run so that they don’t trip guests and suppliers. Your generators should also be set away from the event so that the guests aren’t distracted by the machines’ humming.


Nearby support facilities

Your guests and suppliers should be able to freely move in your event space. You wouldn’t want caterers making a veritable journey from the parking lot to your event; you need a place that has strategically planned areas. You also don’t want guests to be inconvenienced by a lack of toilets, especially outdoors. Consider an event place with a variety of restroom facilities in various places on site.


Focus on comfort and safety

Although it isn’t a host’s duty to babysit, you still have to consider how children, animal companions, the elderly, and differently-abled people would navigate your venue. Your space should have numerous safety procedures in place as well as big, readable signs and hazard warnings. Accessibility of parking spaces and temperature regulation like mist machines and air conditioners are also important.


A team that works with yours

If your group event requires you to bring your own suppliers, make sure you have enough space in your chosen venue for all of their equipment and vehicles. Check the place for ample parking space and for moving and breathing space behind the scenes. Your onsite staff should be experienced and able to custom-design an event for you. You need a venue with an operations team that is able to coordinate with your providers.


Contingency plans

As much as possible, schedule your event during the summer or early fall. These are the sunniest, most outdoor-friendly times of the year. However, if you cannot help but host during the rainy season, book a venue that is prepared for unexpected changes in the weather. A place that can accommodate a range of events—from seminars to concerts, retreats to conventions—will likely be prepared for anything you can throw at it.


Wrapping Up

An outdoor business event is a unique way to bring colleagues together. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful location, an outdoor affair can be a place where industry partners can find inspiration for their next projects. Outdoor events are also perfect times to showcase larger-than-life installations. And because you are not confined in an events hall, there is room for your party to sprawl and accommodate more guests. Finding the perfect venue for a laundry list of needs can be daunting but ultimately rewarding.

Outdoor events at Utah Motorsports Campus have the benefit of our 511-acre venue, which has vast but accessible infrastructures. Our battle-ready team is equipped for all types of gatherings, from the casual to the elegant, and we have proposals ready for both indoor and outdoor events. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, group event, or concert, we could be just the place. Contact us today to learn more.