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Similar to teaching math or instilling manners, teaching your kids how to drive a go-kart can easily prove to be a fairly complex process because of all the learning involved. Regardless of whether you want to help bring another Michael Schumacher into the world or want to let your kids get a head-start on road safety, it’s important to teach them how to drive a go-kart properly.


Fortunately, setting their foundation doesn’t have to be long-winded, risk-packed, and full of hurdles. In this article, we will share with you three essential tips that you can use to get your children started on the right foot when learning how to go-kart:


  1. Get them familiar with the controls before all else


Before you even buckle them right into the seat of the go-kart, it’s important to first teach them about the various parts of the vehicle so that they can get a hang of the essential controls right from the beginning. Here’s what you’ll need to get them familiarized with when you introduce the parts:


  • The steering wheel
  • The brake pedal
  • The gas pedal


As opposed to full-grown adult karts, however, kid karts don’t come with gear pedals or shifters, reducing the amount of pre-karting lessons you’ll need to hand out. If you want to start off with a more convenient experience and gradually work your way up, then it’s best to ask Utah Motorsports Campus for a kid kart to work with.


  1. Explain the concept of throttle control

    Now, while Collin McRae may have popularized the saying of “when in doubt, flat out,” that doesn’t mean that you should teach the same mindset to your child on their first ride.

    There’s no doubt that they’ll love the rush of the wind when they first hit the gas pedal, but it is much more important to teach them the essential aspect of throttle control before they enter the seat. Throttle control is absolutely essential to learn because it applies to a number of aspects in karting and is a vital component of safety on the track.

    When you take the time to explain when to let off the gas (in corners, for example) and floor it, you can protect them from many dangers on the track and build good habits in the future!

    3. Remember the importance of safety

    In the world of motorsports, the only thing more important than winning is finishing the race or practice lap safe and sound – a key saying that shows how important it is to think about safety!

    As your kid continues to hold a certain mix of recklessness and curiosity that may take time to die down, it is important to ensure that you watch out for them in the meantime by taking the initiative to teach them safety.

    Throughout the course of teaching your kid how to kart, you’ll need to insert a few lessons on why they should wear full safety gear and how it can work to their advantage. For instance, discussing how a full race suit will “protect them from danger and how a full-face helmet “will protect their head while making them race faster” will definitely foster a sense of importance – don’t forget to make your explanations kid-friendly!


    Bringing your little one to the track for the first time and introducing them to the world of go-kart racing can easily make for a meaningful experience that they’ll never forget. At the same time, it is also important to make sure that you’re teaching them properly. By following the three tips mentioned above, you can go above and beyond to keep them out of harm’s way while building their love for the adrenaline rush of go-kart racing!

    Looking to introduce your kids to the world of go-karting on an international-standard racetrack? Specifically go-kart tracks in Utah? Check out our schedule today to see when you can pay us a visit!
Go Kart Racing

Go-Kart racing is often seen as a fun activity and an enjoyable way to spend leisure time. A lot of people are now starting to hop on the trend for that reason. Undeniably, this activity is extremely satisfying with friends and family.


What people don’t realize is that Go-Karting provides more benefits than just entertainment. In this article, we listed the top seven benefits you’ll gain from Go-Kart racing:


  1. It sharpens concentration


Driving a Go-Kart requires absolute control if you want to go around the tracks smoothly. To do this, you need to concentrate on your footing and steering to ensure accurate turns. For this reason, this racing enhances the mind in terms of concentration and focus.


  1. It strengthens the reflexes


Because Go-Kart tracks are designed to be full of curves and many turns, racers need to be more agile and dexterous to pass through them smoothly. Go-Karting improves the reflexes of the racer and allows them to be more alert in case of abrupt circumstances.


  1. It promotes healthy competition


Go-Karting is all about friendly competition. Because the sport is centered on having fun with friends and family, it gives racers the opportunity to be competitive whilst keeping it as an enjoyable and thrilling experience. Go-Kart racing promotes healthy competition among racers, even with those who just met each other.


  1. It can be enjoyed by a vast number of people


In Go-Kart, age doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t have any severe health conditions. Kids from ten years old and above can join and have fun on the tracks. The diversity that the racing provides makes it a great activity to be enjoyed with the whole family.


  1. It promotes road safety procedures


Racers will be given the right gear and will be taught how to operate the mini-vehicle. For this reason, kids who are starting to enjoy the experience of driving get to learn all about road safety and will be familiarized with the dos and don’ts of driving.


  1. It can be a great training ground for people learning how to drive


Before getting a driver’s license, an individual will need to undergo driving training to understand and grasp the whole driving process fully. However, some people may find taking control of a vehicle’s steering wheel scary, making it harder for them to learn.


Because Go-Karting is safe, a person who wants to learn how to drive is able to get past that fear and experience it without any serious repercussions.


  1. It solidifies bonds


Go-Karting is an exhilarating group experience. Because it is typically enjoyed with a group of people, it is able to strengthen the relationships between people, be it friends, co-workers, family, etc., through positive reinforcement. Because of that, it can even be a great corporate team-building activity.




With the many benefits of Go-Karting, it’s among the best ways to quench that thirst for speed for many people. Not only is it a safe but exciting activity, it also affects you on a personal level positively, and if you’re not into it yet, then you’re missing out on a lot of things.


Want to feel the thrill of driving Go-Karts? Get in touch with us at Utah Motorsports Campus today, and we’ll help you achieve a wonderful experience.

Engaging in motorsports is an exhilarating activity. If you crave for speed, you’re likely dreaming of becoming a top racer in the scene one day. However, motorsports that involve motorcycles or cars are risky, and the danger of being involved in an accident is high. It’s a serious matter that many motorsports enthusiasts need to be aware of. If you’re new to the scene or hesitant because of such risks, then you might want to try Go-Kart racing. This activity offers the same thrilling experience that car or motorcycle racing can give.


Learning how to drive Go-Kart can also be beneficial to your overall driving experience. If you’re in search of a fun excursion that’s similar to other forms of racing, then here’s why Go-Kart is a must-try:


Go-Kart racing is a safer option


While racers are also required to wear safety gear and equipment, mistakes can still happen, which could lead to injuries. Go-Karting eliminates most threats that could potentially be experienced in a car track. That is because Go-Karts are fairly easier to control and maneuver.


Unlike cars, Go-Karts typically don’t have gears in them. Go-Karts have a tiny motor that increases or decreases the speed, based on the force you put onto the gas pedal. When you feel like you’re going too fast, you can easily hit the brakes with your left foot, slowing down your tracks quickly. Although it is similar to a car with an automatic transmission, such types are not really used during a typical car race.


The barriers around the race track also enhance the safety of Go-Karting. These barriers are made of wheels or any material that’s flexible, which cushion the racers’ karts, significantly lowering the impact in cases of collision. The race track is also smaller and is easier to navigate.


Go-Karting is for everyone


The beauty of Go-Karting is that everyone can enjoy it, even kids. Go-Karting is typically aimed at kids who want to experience how to drive. That, of course, doesn’t mean that adults cannot partake in action too.


Go-Karting can be enjoyed with a group of friends or with your family. The safety that Go-Kart racing provides makes accidents a non-issue.


Go-Karting is addictive


When you experience Go-Karting for the first time, you’re highly likely to go for another session because of its thrilling and exciting nature. Similar to car racing, the friendly competition in Go-Karting makes the sport really fun.


Imagine this, one moment you’re in the lead, and after the last lap, a friend sees an opportunity to zoom in and wins at the last minute. The competitive nature of playing Go-Kart makes it really addictive. Also, the games are fair since every Kart is equally tuned-up. Any racer has a fair shot at getting first place.




Go-Kart racing is becoming increasingly popular among many people worldwide. The fun in Go-Kart racing leaves them wanting more without the fear of suffering a serious injury. If you’re in search of an amazing experience with friends and family, Go-Karting is the perfect option for you.


If you want to experience Go-Kart racing in Salt Lake City Utah, get in touch with us and book a session! We’re happy to have you.

There are various ways that business owners can show their appreciation for a client. From custom-made gifts to one-off products from the giving brand itself, showing one’s appreciation for a client can go an infinite number of ways. Events, in particular, have become a go-to way of showing appreciation for clients because the amount of effort and planning that goes into putting a shindig together keeps connections coming back for more. As great as it may seem to have an abundance of different options to choose from, however, finding the perfect way to show your business’s appreciation for its clients can be a bit challenging. Businesses in Utah, however, won’t have to struggle much with choosing the perfect idea for client engagement and appreciation because there’s one unique option worth investing in—car racing.

Now, while it may not necessarily sound as “upscale” or quaint as playing golf, hosting wine tastings, or galas, car racing provides a perfect opportunity for your business to bond with its valued clients. After all, nothing gets people talking more than octane and exhilaration, right? 

Car racing has become the talk of the town in the world of client engagement because of the various advantages it holds for businesses daring enough to use them. As a step up from bland and tired client engagement event ideas, car racing banks of the atypical and creates an experience unlike any other.

Before you assume that we’re just fluffing up the idea more than we should, however, car racing is definitely the perfect idea for your next client engagement event because of two key reasons:


Car racing helps build trust

Forget about boring old team building events when you want to build a rapport with your clients. Car racing is definitely a new and exciting way to get more customers to trust your work—even if it means being stuck in a sports car hitting apexes at over 100 miles per hour.

Car racing and the world of business are nearly the same: they involve a whole lot of risks, the payoff is huge, and trust is required. For a few minutes on the track, you’ll be able to move the topic of discussion from “Do I trust my advisor enough in a car race?” to “If I can trust them in a car, I can trust them with my money!


Car racing can easily help build a relationship with clients

If you’ve got a pretty big client roster to work with, then the chances are that a significant number of key investors in your company are car guys or gals that love to race on a track and burn rubber.

Throughout the experience of going over all the available cars and go-karts at Utah Motorsports Campus, for example, you’ll be able to get closer with your valuable clients and bond over shared interests. For example, if you’re trying one-up each other on the go-kart track, then you can be more playful and wager a minor services contract against a discount for your client for who gets the fastest time!



When used correctly, car racing events like the upcoming ARCA Menards Series West by NASCAR, Cruzer Palooza, or Rock n' Race on May 23rd, for example, can be used to greatly improve the relationship that your business has with its clients and customers while increasing the chances of raking in even more profit over time. 

If you’re looking to host corporate events in Utah, get in touch with us today see how we can help.