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Build Driving and Racing Skill on Utah's Favorite Racetrack

Utah Motorsports Campus Open Track Days for cars is your chance to get your street car or race car out on one of the longest road-racing tracks in the USA to see what it (and you) can do!

New: Classes for Novice Drivers
UMC now has classes for Advanced, Intermediate and Novice drivers

The new Novice class includes instructors to provide right-seat instruction on track all day.

Click to Register for September 30 Open Track

Click to Register for October 28 Open Track

New Drivers must contact NASA Utah for more information.

Session Details & Cost

Intermediate & Advanced - $300

Seats for these classes are unlimited

Novice - $400

Includes an additional $100 instructor fee.
There is a seat limit on Novice entries, so be sure to register early.

Daily Schedule

Registration 7am-8:30am
Driver’s Meeting 8:30am Mtn. Suite 1-2
Street Car 9:00am
Race Car 9:30am
Street Car 10:00am
Race Car 10:30am
Street Car 11:00am
Race Car 11:30am
Lunch 12:00 – 1:00pm
Street Car 1:00pm
Race Car 1:30pm
Street Car 2:00pm
Race Car 2:30pm
Street Car 3:00pm
Race Car 3:30m
Street Car 4:00pm
Race Car 4:30pm
Cold Track 5:00pm