Roll Racing

On-Track Racing at UMCThe Ultimate Battle of Speed

Utah Motorsports Campus is pleased to announce the return of Roll Racing! No need to worry about UHP here! Sign up for safe and legal street style racing. Utilizing the entire front straight of the Outer Track, racers will roll from our preliminary start line getting up to approximately 40 mph and will start racing at the green flag located at the official start line, and race to the finish line at 1000 feet. First one crossing the checker flags win! 

The Concept

  • Take two cars
  • Roll them to 40 mph
  • Floor It for 1000 feet

The Particulars

  • Entry count is capped at 120 per event
  • Entry cost is $125
  • All entrants are required at the MANDATORY drivers meeting
  • Entry for ages 18+ only
  • All entrants MUST have valid driver’s license
  • Street legal cars and trucks are welcome. Bikes are allowed once a year in July.

Driver Rules

  • Any driver who refuses to voluntarily reduce speed, or stop in the event a car does not handle properly (i.e. excessive drifting of the car toward the center or the edge of the strip), or any driver who willfully fishtails or weaves in an attempt to show undue disregard for the safety of himself or spectators, will be immediately barred from further participation of the event
  • All drivers must keep their helmet and seat belt on at all times on the race track and return road
  • Once on the official track, all drivers must remain in their vehicle unless there is the situation of a fire
  • No burnouts of any kind on the facility, if such conduct should occur they will be asked to leave the premises
  • Any damages to the safety barrier or surface will result in the driver being charged for repairs/cleanup.
  • If any of the above regulations are violated a fine of $250 will be imposed and you will be escorted from the facility

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