Should I Let My Kid Drive a Go-Kart? – Our Definitive Guide

If you’re an avid fan of go-karting and wondering whether or not you should let your underage child get in on the action, then this guide is for you. Here, we’ll talk about the different go-kart concerns you might have and provide the answers you’re looking for.

There are many considerations you want to take into account, so we’ll break it down sequentially and tackle one aspect at a time. Let’s get started!


Are children even allowed to drive a go-kart?

The answer is yes. Typically, people who go go-karting are required to present a driver’s license in order to race. However, kid-friendly go-karts and tracks do exist, and they are perfectly suited for minors.

In these junior go-kart tracks, the engines used are much less powerful, which means even kids can safely drive them. The tracks themselves are also a lot simpler, so the technical skill requirements are not that high.

Do keep in mind that some junior go-kart tracks further divide their for-kid tracks into different age brackets. These are as follows:

  • Kid: Ages 5 to 7
  • Cadet: Ages 7 to 12
  • Junior: Ages 12 to 15
  • Senior: Ages 15 to 18

The differences between the aforementioned brackets are the a) the size of the go-kart, and b) the engine’s horsepower rating—wherein the size and power of the go-kart increase as you from the kid bracket to the senior one.

Also, just because your child meets the age requirements doesn’t automatically mean that letting them race is a good idea. While there are several benefits to be gained in imparting the love of go-karting to your kids at an early age, there are other considerations, too. Let’s talk about those in the next section.


Other considerations before letting your child go go-karting

As we mentioned, for-kid go-karts are bracketed by age, but you must also take into consideration other factors involving your child. Let’s take a look below.

  • Their height: Some children might meet the age required for a certain bracket, but if they fail to meet the height requirement, they will not be allowed to race. You may, however, opt for a smaller kart for your child if it’s possible.
  • Their motor skills: Driving any type of vehicle will require a certain level of dexterity and coordination. Take into account your child’s motor skills before making any decision.
  • Their ability to focus: Similarly, go-karting will also require drivers to be constantly aware of the track and other drivers on it, and it can be a potentially hazardous activity, especially if your child is unable to pay attention to their surroundings.
  • Their enjoyment of the activity: Finally, don’t forget to consider your child’s enthusiasm for go-karting. You don’t want to be forcing them into an activity that they don’t actually derive any joy from.


Final words

All in all, the decision to let your child participate in go-karting ultimately falls on you. As such, you must first find out the real reason you are considering it in the first place. Are you looking to introduce the activity as a hobby or will it be more along the lines of a long-term endeavor?

If it is the former, then find a for-kids go-karting track near you so that you can take the activity on a test drive, so to speak. For those who fall into the latter group, you might want to do the same, and then eventually get your kid their own kart.

If you’d like to race on Utah’s finest go-karting tracks, contact us today and book your reservation.