UMC – Behind the Gates with Ayrton Littel of Scuderia Littel

As we continue to look at ‘Behind the Gates’, our eighth installment of this new segment allowed us to sit down with Ayrton Littel. Ayrton is Team Principal of Scuderia Littel, a kart racing kart team with its home base at the Utah Motorsports Campus.

UMC: How long have you been a garage tenant at the Utah Motorsports Campus and what does the Campus provide you to aid in the successful operation of your business?

Ayrton: Scuderia Littel opened in early 2019 at Utah Motorsports Campus. We started with two go-karts and a single garage. Over time we grew to now maintaining a fleet of 50+ customer racing karts across over six thousand square feet. There are not many locations that offer the premium racetrack amenities that one can find at UMC. This fits our style very well, and we have been incredibly fortunate to receive so much opportunity for growth from UMC.

UMC: Your company has a large presence trackside. How did you get your start, how long have you been involved in motorsports and what are your future plans?

Ayrton: I personally have been involved with motorsports since I was six years old. Growing up I was fortunate enough to work hard and had some incredible opportunities as a racing driver, racing engineer, driver coach, and more. Kart racing has always been at the core of my life. That passion in combination with a diverse motor racing background is why I made the leap to “live my passion” and start my own racing company. In the future, I hope we can continue to offer the best kart racing team experience in Utah for many years to come. As we continue to develop new young drivers through the ranks of karting, you might even start to see some Scuderia Littel drivers in racecars soon!

UMC: Why did you choose UMC as your home base?

Ayrton: The UMC facility and Utah has been a part of me for most of my life. I take a lot of pride in my “home track” and I think a more accurate question, that I, unfortunately, cannot answer for you, is why this place chose me.

UMC: For people that do not know about Scuderia Littel, can you tell us what you do and where your focus is?

Ayrton: Scuderia Littel is a customer-kart racing team. We offer a complete range of services for the Utah kart racer to create the most streamlined experience possible. That way the only thing our drivers must focus on is having fun and achieving goals.

UMC: Can you tell us a little about your customer base and your programs?

Ayrton: We accommodate first-time drivers all the way up to seasoned veterans. Our program takes away all the guesswork and creates a proven and positive environment for drivers of all ages to set goals and go from beginner to results in record time.

UMC: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Ayrton: If you want to get into motor racing, karting is a perfect place to start. It is the most affordable to way get experience and has a very inviting fan base. Come watch a race, talk to us and other racers, and just get involved already!

UMC: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with UMC and all of this information.

Ayrton: As always, thank you for hosting us.