UMC – Behind the Gates with Bryce Engelhart of Engelhart Racing

As we continue to take a look at ‘Behind the Gates’, our next installment of this new segment allowed us to sit down with Engelhart Racing’s Bryce Engelhart. Always promoting the Utah Motorsports Campus and looking to get people into the sport, Bryce has opened karting, and the Utah Motorsports Campus to a host of people and turned them into competitors and racers. A true ambassador in the state of Utah, Engelhart Racing has a very bright future, and we are happy to have them Behind the Gates of the Utah Motorsports Campus.

UMC: How long have you been a garage tenant at the Utah Motorsports Campus and what does the Campus provide you to aid in the successful operation of your business?

Engelhart Racing: Engelhart Racing has been a tenant of UMC since our inception in 2019, but I have had a personal garage on site since around 2016. Having that garage made it extremely easy for my brother, Jared, and I to launch our business because it meant our start-up costs were low. That first year it was easy to run things from one garage, and we have been able to add garages as we’ve grown. We started with a toolbox and a dream and have grown to one of the largest karting teams in the region.

UMC: Your company has a large presence trackside. How did you get your start, how long have you been involved in motorsports and what are your future plans?

Engelhart Racing: The Engelhart name has been involved with motorsports for the better part of the last century. We grew up in a racing family and have been involved in motorsports our whole lives. Before starting our team, we competed in many Regional and National Karting series ourselves. We also coached drivers all over the world in IMSA, F4, F3, and more auto-racing series. As for the future, that is top secret. We’ve always got something bigger and better coming, and we don’t like to spoil things…

UMC: Why did you choose UMC as your home base?

Engelhart Racing: UMC chose us, actually! It is a much longer story than we have time for here, but in 2019 there was no karting at UMC. During that year we worked with UMC to try and bring karting back, and it was then we saw the need for an organization to provide support to new drivers and help them get started.

UMC: For people who do not know about Engelhart Racing, can you tell us what you do and where your focus is?

Engelhart Racing: For those that don’t know us, we’re the coolest karting team in Utah. Our focus is supporting our dedicated group of drivers with the best equipment and support that we can.

UMC: Can you tell us a little about your customer base and your programs?

Engelhart Racing: All of the drivers you’ll find in our garage had little to no karting experience when they joined our team. We are proud to say that our program makes it easy and affordable to get started in karting with no prior knowledge.  Our Kart Rentals allow new drivers to try karting without the huge initial investment and our Track Support and Tent Program services will help you through practice days and race weekends. We offer the full line of Birel ART chassis and all the parts and service you will need at the track.

UMC: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Engelhart Racing: If you are considering getting started in karting reach out to us at and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. We will have plenty of used kart packages available at the end of the season that we will be looking to sell quickly to make room for next year’s inventory!

UMC: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with UMC and all of this information.

Engelhart Racing: We appreciate the support UMC has given the karting community in these last few years and want to thank you for this opportunity to help grow the UMCKC Series.