UMC – Behind the Gates with Ian Lacy

The start of the New Year always brings new ideas and new programs and the same can be said for 2023. After a building year in 2022, an increase in communication, feature stories, social media and more has already begun and continues today with the first “UMC Behind the Gates” segment. Focused on patrons, race teams, and businesses within the Utah Motorsports Campus, the UMC Marketing Team intends to bring you behind the scenes of some programs that you may not know live on-site at The Campus.

Recently we had the chance to sit down with Ian Lacy of Ian Lacy Racing and learn a little more about his business and growth since becoming a tenant at UMC back in 2008.

UMC: Ian, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us in our first Behind the Gates segment. We are hoping additional pieces like this bring more awareness to the individuals and businesses that call UMC home.

Ian Lacy: Thank you for having me. Honored to be the first of many successful businesses to be featured. I hope I do a good job!

UMC: How long have you been a garage tenant at the Utah Motorsports Campus and what does The Campus provide you to aid in the successful operation of your business?

Ian Lacy: I have been a tenant at UMC since 2008. I started in a one-bay shop with a local family and have grown to our current size of about 7000 sq/ft. UMC provides an excellent racing surface for lapping, testing, and racing. The Kart track provides an opportunity to stay in shape as a driver and have a little fun. It also opens the doors to the future in the world of motorsports.

UMC: Ian Lacy Racing is a bigger name than others in sportscar racing. How did you get your start, how long have you been involved in motorsports and what are your future plans?

Ian Lacy: I started my involvement in motorsports right after high school in 1993. I started competing in the local autocross scene and volunteered with a small shop that built chassis and bodywork for vintage Lotus race cars. Soon after I attended the Jim Russell Racing School Mechanics Training Program. This year-long class trained mechanics to work in the motorsport industry but in addition, attendees got to participate in the racing schools and had a race group for themselves. This provided me with a cost-effective way to learn the art of racing and ensure that I could be competitive. Soon after I started my driving career winning the 1998 Star Mazda Championship. I raced for many years and during that time also worked as a coach and engineer. In the future, our goal is to continue our participation in the SRO series and hopefully build an IMSA program in addition to supporting the local motorsports community here in Utah.

UMC: Why did you choose UMC as your home base?

Ian Lacy: It was time to grow up and buy a house. Utah offered reasonable real estate prices and having the track in a relaxed rural environment yet close to an international airport for travel access was very enticing. The facility has gone through some changes over time but with the current leadership and management team, we are excited about what the future holds.

UMC: For people that do not know about Ian Lacy, can you tell us what you do and where your focus is?

Ian Lacy: I manage the day-to-day operations in the shop. On race weekends I fill the Team Manager position, coaching, spotting, and working with the driver, technical staff, and mechanics to ensure that we are maximizing our potential. We have a great group of guys that enjoy both winning and having fun.

UMC: Can you tell us a little about your customer base and your race program?

Ian Lacy: Our customer base consists of local racers participating in the NASA Utah series, but we also look after a collection of vintage race cars that participate in lapping days here at UMC. We have done some preparation and maintenance for riders participating in the Apex track days and USBA race series. We have supported drivers competing in the SRO series for the last seven years. We have run cars in the TC, GT4, and GT3 classes. We have a vacancy in our program for 2023 and are currently looking to fill it with a winning driver.

UMC: What services does Ian Lacy provide for both race team customers and other potential customers?

Ian Lacy: We provide mechanical services for racecars, sportscars, vintage racecars, and motorcycles. This consists of regular maintenance and preparation to facilitate full car builds and restorations. We offer alignment services, technical support, engineering, and coaching. We are a full-service race shop with all the means to fix your everyday vehicle.

While Ian could have continued talking to fill many more pages with his history and success, we thank him for his time and commitment to UMC. For more information on Ian Lacy or to inquire about the services that they provide, please contact him at 702-499-3840 or by email at or visit