UMC – Behind the Gates with Jordan Dansie of No Limit Detailing

As we continue to take a look at ‘Behind the Gates’, our next installment of this new segment allowed us to sit down with No Limit Detailing’s Jordan Dansie. New to the Utah Motorsports Campus in 2023, Jordan and his growing company look to use the facility as not only their home base, but also to expand their business.

UMC: How long have you been a garage tenant at the Utah Motorsports Campus and what does the Campus provide you to aid in the successful operation of your business?

Jordan Dansie:  We’ve been at UMC since the start of 2023. Automotive and racing enthusiasts at heart, we couldn’t feel more at home than being at the racetrack. The community and culture being built at the track is amazing and it’s where we see our business growing. We have big plans for the future and will be working hard to achieve them.

UMC: Your company has a large presence trackside. How did you get your start, how long have you been involved in motorsports and what are your future plans?

Jordan Dansie: We started mobile, offering high-level automotive detailing and paint correction services from the start. Hours were long and the days were hot, but we always strived to provide a great customer experience with high-level results. Since we’ve moved into our current space, the goal was set to grow the business, expand our services, and raise the bar within the industry.

UMC: Why did you choose UMC as your home base?

Jordan Dansie: With being Utah locals and a love for racing at heart, the Utah Motorsports Campus was the perfect fit for our business. It was natural to choose UMC as our home base for the culture and future plans they have.

UMC: For people who do not know about No Limit Detailing, can you tell us what you do and where your focus is?

Jordan Dansie: Yes! No-Limit Detailing is an automotive protection and restyling studio. We offer professional services such as Paint Protection Film (PPF or more commonly referred to as “clear bra”), PPF Color Changes, Ceramic Coatings, Vinyl Wraps, Paint Correction, Tint, and so much more. We’ve been entrusted to work with some of the best vehicles out there and we’re currently looking for more business.

UMC: Can you tell us a little about your customer base and your programs?

Jordan Dansie: Customer base can range from your daily driven Toyota Camry to your exotic Lamborghini Super Trofeo. We work with all different types of clients! We offer services that range in different prices.

UMC: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Jordan Dansie: We hope to see you at the racetrack! If you ever have any questions regarding racing, details, or protection feel free to reach out to us at or you can find us on Instagram @nolimitdetailingutah.

UMC: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with UMC and all of this information.

Jordan Dansie:  Thank you for having us!