UMC – Behind the Gates with of Mats For That and TALENTA Commerce

As we continue to take a look at ‘Behind the Gates,’ our next installment of this UMC exclusive segment allowed us to sit down with Ryan Berg of Mats For That and TALENTA Commerce. Producing world class floor mats as well as owning an eCommerce and Web Development company are not businesses that you would typically find trackside, but Ryan has his reasons why he chose UMC in the fall of 2023. Read along to learn more…

UMC: How long have you been a garage tenant at the Utah Motorsports Campus, and what does the Campus provide you to aid in the successful operation of your business?

Ryan Berg: We have been here since the fall of 2023. We are excited to be here and to be able to access a world class racetrack! We felt like being here on the front row of the action would allow us to be able to test our floor mats, while also giving us a chance to feed off the high-energy creative environment when things are in full swing. Being able to regularly take a few laps on the track or in a kart helps us to reset and create!

UMC: Your company has a large presence trackside. How did you get your start, how long have you been involved in motorsports and what are your future plans?

Ryan Berg: We are really two companies that operate here at UMC. We started Mats For That in 2023. Our sister business TALENTA Commerce has been around since 2018. On the TALENTA side we focus on multi-channel eCommerce Operations and Web Development. Our passion for adventure and motorsports and our skills on the tech side have had the opportunity to cross here at UMC.

Our plans are to continue to expand our client base on the TALENTA Commerce side, while also offering the best all-weather floor mats for the EV market. We are working on a build of our 2023 Tesla Model 3 Performance that will include a new widebody kit, as well as some track-specific bits from some of the great products offered from Jordan at Revolting Performance.

UMC: Why did you choose UMC as your home base?

Ryan Berg: It was a combo of the facility as well as the access to the track that drew us in. Wanting to really love the work we do and the places we do it has fit in perfectly here.

UMC: For people who do not know about Mats For That, can you tell us what you do and where your focus is?

Ryan Berg: Mats For That is focused on offering the best fitting and best quality floor mats to the EV market. We have our own line, as well as other offers from established brands in the industry. We have a passion for quality products and make sure that everything we offer is something we can stand behind and use ourselves. We don’t want to just be selling stuff. We want to level up the quality and craftsmanship of aftermarket products in this category.

UMC: Can you tell us a little about your customer base and your programs?

Ryan Berg: Our Mats For That customers are EV owners which typically means a new or existing Tesla owner. But we are seeing more and more customers who want quality floor mats for Rivian and other manufacturers. We offer a 90-day buy-back guarantee with all of our mats, along with a lifetime warranty on defects in materials.

On the eCommerce side, our clients are typically multi-channel sellers and brands who are working on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other marketplaces. We build sites on Shopify and BigCommerce. We typically are doing things like catalog management, fulfillment, and email marketing. Everything related to increasing sales revenue.

UMC: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Ryan Berg: We like being useful and helping simplify processes and creating solutions to issues. If it be on the TALENTA side with web development or eCommerce, or getting the best floor mats on the market, let us know if we can help!

UMC: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with UMC and all of this information.

Ryan Berg: We appreciate the time and the opportunity to be here at UMC! We hope we can add to the great atmosphere here and all of the great events and experiences that happen! A big thank you to all of the maintenance crew and admin crew here at UMC who have welcomed us here!