UMC Introduces Roll Racing This Weekend

Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) is pleased to announce that it will offer Roll Racing, beginning with this Saturday’s Cars and Coffee presented by Godfrey Proof.

Roll Racing is a form of drag racing in which the competitors do not execute a standing start, but rather roll up to the start line at 40 mph and race to the end of a 1000-foot track. The events will take place on UMC’s front straightaway.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer Roll Racing to our drag-racing friends,” said Dixon Hunt, UMC General Manager. “We have been inundated with requests for drag racing since nearby Rocky Mountain Raceways closed in 2018.

“We cannot allow standing-start drag racing on our road-racing track, because it will damage the track surface and make it unsuitable for road racing. But we believe we can do Roll Racing without any track damage. We hope that our drag racers will come out and support our Roll Racing events, and we’re looking forward to some great competition!”

The UMC Roll Racing program will allow a maximum entry of 120 cars, with two cars racing at a time. Safety rules will be very strictly enforced, and the entry fee is $100 per person.

This does not change UMC’s current stance regarding the building of a dedicated dragstrip or oval. To learn more about UMC’s situation visit

For more information on roll racing and the registration link, visit