Utah Obstacle Races at UMC Events Center

Utah Obstacle Races 

Obstacle races have been a part of competitive sports since the 1800s, with some forms of the sport dating back to the earliest Olympic Games. And UMC is “the” place to hold an Obstacle Race in Utah.


These sorts of events have become very popular in recent years, not only in North America but internationally. The recent trend of obstacle races seems to have originated with the Tough Guy competition in 1987. That started a trend that has grown incredibly since then. Approximately one million people registered to participate in obstacle races in the United States in 2011, and that number increased to 4.5 million in 2015, 5.6 million in 2016 and over 6 million in 2017.

Utah Obstacle Races

These types of events are very popular in Utah, where outdoor activity, fitness, and adventure play a large part in the lifestyles of the state’s residents. Utah Obstacle Races routinely draw large entries and provide a wonderful competitive challenge for those looking to test their mettle and expand their boundaries. Another benefit of Obstacle Races is the opportunity for groups of friends or co-workers to compete as teams to improve their camaraderie and communication.

Utah Obstacle Races at UMC

Utah Motorsports Campus is a perfect venue to host a Utah Obstacle Race. In recent years, we have hosted the Mud Run, the BattleFrog Endurance Race Series, the BlackLight Run and the Terrain Race, all of which were very well received and attended, with thousands of enthusiastic athletes descending on UMC to see how they stack up against the competition.

Our 511-acre campus provides a large variety of surfaces and terrain types that lend themselves to such competitions, including our paved racetrack and large parking lots, large expanses of dirt (that can be flooded for mud terrain), and a rock-crawling course. Our expert Event Planning staff has significant experience in organizing Utah Obstacle Races and would be happy to discuss organizing such an event with you.


For more information, visit this link to learn more about our outdoor events venue, or you can submit a Request for Proposal to our event-planning staff.