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On-Track Racing at UMCUtah Sport Bike Association

The Utah Sports Bike Association is a state of Utah, non-profit corporation. The all-volunteer organization uses 100% of its revenue to support rider education, safety and racing throughout the intermountain west. With a history that goes back to humble beginnings more than 35 years ago, the USBA has fostered the growth of some of the nation’s most influential racers, instructors, authors and motorcycling advocates.


The Masters of the Mountains race series was created to encourage competitive motorcycle road racing at the club and regional levels, drawing racers from across the United States and Canada. The six-round season typically has events once per month, with a two day schedule combining morning practice sessions and afternoon racing.


Affordable single-day racing on asphalt and dirt. Racing for adults and kids is offered with both novice and expert divisions, as well as an adult mini class. Most races are double headers so you can have a lot of races in a day if you choose. Race day is typically 8AM-2PM with a BBQ after with awards.


Learn on YOUR bike how to tackle every turn with our team of professionally-trained instructors. This allows you to master your own motorcycle and immediately transfer your new skills to the real world.

2022 Schedule

DateSeriesTrack Layout
April 16New Racer Certification SchoolWest Track
May 07Masters of the Mountain Race SeriesEast Track
May 08UTAHSBA Supermoto Race SeriesStar Trek
May 28Masters of the Mountain Race SeriesWest Track
May 29UTAHSBA Supermoto Race SeriesOuter Loop
June 17Advanced Racer Course / New Racer Certification SchoolEast Track
June 18Advanced Rider Training SchoolEast Track
June 18Masters of the Mountain Race SeriesEast Track
June 19 UTAHSBA Supermoto Race SeriesBig Gator
July 09Masters of the Mountain Race SeriesWest Track
July 10 UTAHSBA Supermoto Race SeriesThe Snake
August 06Advanced Rider Training SchoolTBA
August 06Masters of the Mountain Race SeriesOuter Track
August 07 UTAHSBA Supermoto Race SeriesOuter Loop
September 03Masters of the Mountain Race SeriesWest Track
September 04 UTAHSBA Supermoto Race SeriesStar Trek