What Most People Don’t Know About Amateur Car Racing

When you think of amateur car racing, you may be like others who associate it with NASCAR, the constant adrenaline rush, and 24/7 excitement. While you can attain this to some degree as you go pro, remember that the keyword here is “amateur,” meaning that you are just starting to learn the ropes and putting yourself out there. For instance, you may have to get your novice competition license from the Sports Car Club of America. Fortunately for you, there’s an opportunity to dig deeper into the lifestyle of the amateur racer. 

Although amateur car racing is the necessary first step to what could be a long-term hobby or career, there’s a lot about it that you may not know. This is especially true during the first few races you will take part in as you build your self-confidence and boost your driving skills. Thus, through this article, we will delve deeper into these facts to ensure you are prepared for what’s thrown at you.

Starting early and being on the race tracks regularly are common for the first few practice runs

Car racing is a popular pastime for many individuals, meaning you may have to book your slot extra early before the other non-competitive drivers show up. You may have to wake up early and show up energized and ready to go, especially during the weekends. Because of this, it would be ideal to identify with your car racing venue providers by saving their contact information to place your booking in advance. 

For instance, you can call us at Utah Motorsports Complex to set up your car racing practice sessions, allowing you to reserve your slot before the tracks get busy. You can also race in groups with other amateur drivers that you know by looking for them through online forums. Doing so helps you better gauge if you are either ready for your next race or need more trial racers to improve. Once you start building the habit of car racing and advanced venue booking, you can easily apply what you need in the big leagues! 

The adrenaline rush is just one of the many motivators for amateur car racing 

Blazing past other cars during amateur racing can lead to a fulfilling adrenaline rush, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason why you are pursuing this hobby or career. It’s because the rush does tend to disappear once going through the motions of everyday racing takes over. Thus, you need other motivating factors to keep you going, like moral support from your fans or brand deals with local businesses.

The good news is it’s easy to get motivated by car racing since you can explore different angles that keep you passionate about the sport. You just need to be patient until what truly motivates you becomes clearer as you rise above the rankings. Just take note that once you become more experienced as a racing enthusiast, it’s alright if what motivates you changes over time; it just means you are growing as a driver. 

You need to participate in as many races and events as possible to get your name out there

Aside from booking racing practices independently, you have to be on the lookout for local racing events to get your professional racing brand out there. Doing this helps you gain more fans, sponsors, and connections in the racing industry and other career-defining opportunities you cannot get on your own. Just remember to stay humble as an amateur driver, ensure good, clean fun for all races, and stay passionate about the sport by watching car racing events yourself. 


Amateur car racing can be both exciting and challenging, especially if you are just beginning to learn various steering techniques and rise above the local rankings. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of what most people don’t know about the sport, giving you the edge you need over your competition. Just stay dedicated by committing your time to this can-be career or fulfilling hobby by looking for the most well-established place in your area for racing like our very own Utah Motorsports Complex! 

Utah Motorsports Campus is the best venue for amateur car racing through our Amateur Track Days program. We also host COVID-19-safe outdoor corporate events and racing-oriented affairs that are announced through the “Events at UMC” page. Sign up for our racing activities today to satisfy your need for speed while honing your driving skills!